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Shipwire Integration

Shipwire Integration

SItes that use Shipwire for fulfillment and logistics need to ensure they are aware of how Shipwire works, and what WPeC provides in terms of integration.  For example, generally speaking, the Shipwire API does not allow you to simply import products from WPeC into Shipwire.  The workflow is generally reversed, it is expected that you would upload products once into Shipwire, have that inventory reflected on your site and then, generally, not change product lines.  If you were to add or remove products from your catalog, that’s a manual process with Shipwire, not an API-driven one.

Once the product catalogs match (and by match, SKUs must be entered into WPeC and be identical to the SKUs used in Shipwire), it’s important that weight and dimensions be entered for each product, regardless of shipping rate used.  Also important to note that the API request sent to Shipwire is based on the checkout form’s unique_names – for example, we don’t currently have a unique_name for Address2, so you’ll want to make sure the address field stays a textarea, so customers can enter multiple lines for addresses.  Also, for example, the billingemail is used for the shipping email address, as WPeC doesn’t currently provide a shippingemail unique_name.  Because Shipwire depends on all of these fields, we highly recommend they all be required.  Lastly, if variations are used, it must be ensured that the SKUs are unique.

WPeC currently provides integration with all 4 Shipwire APIs – Inventory Updates, Tracking Updates, Shipping Rates and Order Fulfillment.

Inventory Updates

When a user hits ‘Update Tracking and Inventory’ in the Settings > Store > Shipping area, the stock count for each product in Shipwire is sync’d automatically with the inventory available in the Shipwire warehouses. If inventory started out at the right level for each product, has been properly decremented with each order, the site admin has increased inventory when new inventory has arrived, there haven’t been returns, backorders, etc., this shouldn’t make a drastic difference.  But, because of all of those possibilities, this API is a great one to have integrated to ensure that inventory levels for the website reflect the warehouse realities.

Tracking Updates

The tracking updates are triggered at the same time as the inventory updates.  Our integration communicates to the Shipwire server, checks the status of each available order that has not yet been checked, and updates the order status in the Sales Log area of WPeC.  If a Tracking ID is available, it is entered into the Tracking field and the Tracking Email is automatically sent to the customer.  Automatic customer service FTW.  Action hooks within the plugin to allow other behavior to occur here – plugins could take advantage of this to update merchant notes, order statuses, etc.  We may or may not do these things in core in the future, but the ability is there.  For both tracking and inventory updates, we may also integrate running them via WP_Cron in the future, depending on demand.

Order Fulfillment

This is the bread and butter of Shipwire.  We hook directly into the checkout process so that, upon successful checkout, Shipwire is sent the details of the order and begins the fulfillment process automatically, in real-time.  The entire API interaction is completely automated and transparent, there is no end of day batching to do or anything besides sit back and make lots of money.

Shipping Rates

It is highly, highly, highly recommended that users utilize Shipwire’s shipping rates if they are planning on utilizing Shipwire.  We recommend this so highly, in fact, that if Shipwire is enabled, we literally put the shipping method at the top priority, enable it and disable other rates.  You can re-enable them if you like, but doing so eliminates any free support we might offer, and the universe may literally implode upon itself.  That last part isn’t quite true – but we cannot guarantee a rock-solid integration with Shipwire if you are not using their shipping rates.  An in-depth explanation of all of the awesome sauce that are the Shipwire Shipping Rates can be found on their website.  Seriously, if you’re a Shipwire user – there is literally no reason to use any other rates.

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UPS Shipping

Online or on the go, UPS is ready to meet your needs. Find detailed information on how to create a shipping label, track your shipment status, and more. You can do it all with UPS.

UPS is an external shipping calculator offered within WP-e-Commerce. This calculator will calculate shipping based of UPS rates, it is most commonly used for shipping through USA.

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Video: Shipping Settings

Video by Adam Purcell of Hungry Dog Media

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Individual Product Shipping (Flat Rate)

Products can have individual shipping amounts which can be set in the shipping meta box of an individual products page.
This functionality works with the flat rate shipping module so not having that module enabled will cause individual shipping to fail.

Product Shipping

The flat rate module ( in Settings -> Store -> Shipping) must be set up like this for individual shipping to work. Where are fields have a price of 0.00 with the decimals included

If You wish to have amounts in the Flat rate Shipping module then if The product also has shipped assigned then those two values will be added at the checkout page.

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FedEx Shipping

This Module offers shop owners the ability to provide Fedex Shipping Quotes for products with weights.


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WP e-Commerce supports a library of shipping methods with live feedback as well as shipping rules and options you can tailor to your needs.

‘Live feedback’ means accurate shipping charges are passed to the customer at Checkout by providing delivery address and ZIP Code (postcode) to supported shipping providers.

Supported Shipping Providers

Included in WP e-Commerce

Out of the box WP e-Commerce supports the following external shipping providers.

  • UPS
  • USPS

But wait we also include the following internal calculators!

  • Weight Rate
  • Flate Rate
  • Table Rate

Plugins for WP e-Commerce

This list is further extended by community and premium Plugins for WP e-Commerce including:

  • Fedex

You can find the following shipping plugins on

  • WP E-Commerce Weight & Destination Shipping Modules
  • WP E-Commerce Shipping
  • wpsc-simple-shipping
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